Used Gas Generator

Used Gas Generator

We have been importing USED / Reconditioned gas-Engine Generators from 330 KW to 1400 KW DEUTZ-MWM TBG Series Gas Generators since 8 years and have successfully installed and servicing approximately 55

units of TBG 620V16K gas Generators in the whole of Bangladesh , Pakistan and Iran.

These DEUTZ-TBG series are very robust and reliable Gensets known to industry users from 1 MW to 5 MW total Plant output . Also we have supplied and commissioned 17 X Wartsila 18V220 SG SETS at the factories of BESTWAY CEMENT , PAKISTAN and other countries such as Iran.

In addition , we have supplied and commissioned 16 X MWM DEUTZ TBG 632 V16 gas Engines ( 3.6 MW ) at various power plants in Bangladesh and  Iran . The power that is being provided by the generators is directly being supplied to the national grid , in Bangladesh and Iran.

We can supply used/re-conditioned Gas Generators from 330 KW to 4500 KW of the various renowned European models from ready stock .

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