Normal Data of CNG Compressor we deal in :----

a) 4 Stage CNG Compressor.

b) Inlet 15 PSIG/ Oulet 3000 PSIG / 500 m3/Hr

c) If the Inlet is not Rated 15 PSIG then the Oulet Flow will be Decreased.

d) The Pressure Design of ARIEL CNG JGP and JGQ Compressors are 4500 PSIG.

e) So in Bangladesh the MAWP - 3000 PSIG.

f) Hence our ARIEL CNG compressor if the Pressure is set to 3000 PSIG then the co-efficent Ratio will increase

g) Thus the Egfficency and performance both will develop and increse by 30%.


In Bangladesh The CNG Refilling Stations came into existance since 15 years. From then all the CNG stations imported CNG Compressors and Anciliary equipments from Europe, USA and China.

Almost all of them are now running at reduced effeciency.  Specially the Chinese and other Brands are running under 50% of original performance.  So the Generator RUN gas and the CNG compressors are running at LOSS and too much over consumption.


We suggest these CNG stations to Replace with NEW or USED AMERICAN Engine Driven Packages which will allow them to SURVIVE.

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